Company Profile


Meridian Associates, Inc. is a design firm specializing in civil engineering, land planning and surveying.  Our company team is lead by licensed Civil Engineering, Land Planning & Land Surveying design professionals having 25 or more years experience.  The Meridian team leaders are supported by a technical staff of CAD Technicians, clerical staff and survey crews, allowing us to provide our clients with a complete engineering design team experienced in project planning, development, design and construction. 


Our staff brings a broad experience based in a number of disciplines from which our clients benefit.  This diverse technical experience base gives the Meridian team a unique ability to combine proven, reliable technology with innovative applications to solve our clients’ problems.  We look for creative and cost effective solutions to complex projects and provide our clients with alternatives and innovative solutions to build successful communities.


The following is a partial list of services available to our clients:


  • Boundary Surveys                                                                   
  • Topographic Surveys                                                 
  • Mapping & Legal Descriptions                       
  • Construction Staking                                     
  • Project & Construction Management                     
  • Planning Studies                                           
  • Conceptual Land Planning                     
  • Agency Plan Checking
  •  Preliminary & Final Development Plans
  • Tentative Map
  • Grading & Utility Studies
  • Grading Plans
  •  Improvement Plans
  •  Construction Cost & Fee Estimates
  • SB 9 Lot Split


We welcome the opportunity to become a part of your team. Working in close partnership, we will listen to your concerns and respond creatively and sensitively to your particular requirements. We know how vital it is to communicate, to stay within budget, and to maintain schedules that meet important deadlines.